Weaverville- CrossFit X-Caliber


Our Location

Fully equipped gym with plenty of space

Private treatment room

Big Ivy PT’s Weaverville location is inside of CrossFit X-Caliber. This is not just for young athletes! Older adults, sedentary people, and people with chronic health conditions will see amazing benefits with the correct use functional fitness equipment. You will have decreased pain, increased energy, and improved health markers like blood pressure and blood sugar levels. Best of all, it’s more fun than other types of exercise. Evaluations, manual therapy and some exercises are performed in a PRIVATE ROOM for your comfort and privacy.

108 Monticello Rd, Weaverville, NC 28787
Inside the King’s Center

How to Find Us

Inside the King’s Center at 108 Monticello Rd in Weaverville NC


Enter by car at the EAST ENTRANCE. There are 2 driving entrances and they don’t connect, so you must enter at the East Entrance.

The entrance

Once you turn in the entrance, drive straight, all the way down. Looking over at the huge building on the right, you will see the orange and black CrossFit X-Caliber sign and the Big Ivy Physical Therapy sign. That’s where you’ll park and enter.

Functional fitness prepares you to exceed the demands of your life regardless of age or health status