CrossFit/ Athlete Rehab

CrossFit fits into a category of exercise known as High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) that consist of simple or complex “intense” exercise circuits that require many technical movements. CrossFit workouts include heavy weight/load, high reps and challenging cardio work.

The goal of CrossFit training is to achieve optimum fitness by improving strength, endurance, agility, balance and flexibility faster than other exercise regiments. When performed correctly, CrossFit exercise programs build muscle, increase oxygen intake and burn calories to manage weight. However, poor form, performing repetitive motions and overworking your body can result in the unfortunately consequence of pain and injury.

If you are a fitness athlete suffering from a CrossFit injury or other sports injury, come to us. We are licensed physical therapists that are experts in anatomy and movement. We can help you recover naturally, avoiding addictive painkillers, invasive procedures and surgery. Our goal is to get you back to achieving your fitness goals faster and more safely.

Big Ivy PT is based out of Weaverville CrossFit X-Caliber. Angel Trail, PT and CrossFit Trainer, has advanced training in working with fitness athletes. He will quickly identify problems with mobility, strength and form that are causing your pain. His hands-on treatments will relieve pain and loosen you up. He will show you specific exercises that will strengthen and stretch the affected muscles you need for your activity. Upon your recovery, Angel will provide you with what you need to improve your strength and endurance while showing you techniques that can help keep you from getting injured again.

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