Lifelong Strong

LifeLong Strong 50+ Fitness

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Life after 50 should be full of freedom, fun and fulfillment.

But aches, pains, injuries, and health problems can get in the way.

You want to get fit, but you don’t know where to start.

You need guidance so you don’t hurt yourself and you don’t waste your time.

And you don’t want to be in a class full of 20 year-olds with a trainer who doesn’t understand your abilities.

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Welcome to LifeLong Strong!

A comprehensive functional fitness program that combines endurance, strength, balance and flexibility for ages 50 and up.

Guided by a physical therapist, you will work around any injuries or health conditions to safely get fit so you can enjoy this phase of life.

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Group Classes

Get the social support and energy of a group fitness class while also getting the careful attention of a physical therapist/trainer.

FREE Individual assessment prior to starting the class to identify any injuries or conditions that need to be worked around.

Monday, Wednesday, Friday 1:15pm-2:15pm

$80/month for 2x/week

$120/month for 3x/week

No contract

The LifeLong Strong program is enrolling up to 10 participants with classes starting Monday January 18th. The goal is to safely and effectively increase strength, energy levels and health for people over 50. The class provides professional instruction by a physical therapist and the social support of a group of peers. This will be an inclusive, positive, welcoming environment where all people will be supported to reach their individual goals even if they have never exercised before.

There will be a free individual fitness/movement assessment prior to starting to determine fitness level and any injuries or conditions participants need to work around.

Classes will be an hour long and will always include a warm-up, a work-out that combines strength, cardio and balance, and a cool down/ stretching at the end.

The location is CrossFit Weaverville X-Caliber. We will be using weights, rowing machines, bikes, boxes, bars and other equipment, depending on each participant’s ability. All movements will be scaled/modified to meet your fitness level. The class will be instructed by Angel Trail, physical therapist, CrossFit trainer and owner of Big Ivy PT. Angel has a passion for helping people get fit, increase energy levels, and decrease pain. She has a special interest in helping people 50 and up get and stay fit.

Classes will be Monday Wednesday Friday at 1:15-2:15pm. We may add more classes/times depending on interest and customers’ preferred schedules. If you are interested but would prefer a different time, please let us know by clicking the “Request Enrollment or More Info” button and sending a message through the contact form.

COVID concerns: Masks required. This makes people get short of breath more quickly so intensity levels will be adjusted accordingly. You will also be able to take mask breaks as needed. There is plenty of space to observe physical distancing. All equipment will be sanitized before and after class.


Individual Sessions

Not comfortable exercising in a group? Or just prefer private sessions?

You will receive an individualized exercise program that supports you to accomplish your health goals while working around any chronic injuries or health conditions such as arthritis, diabetes, heart disease, lung disease, Parkinson’s disease or others.

Personal Fitness……….$70/session

Personal Fitness Package………..$240/4 sessions